Crimsonic - Red hot since MMX

Crimsonic was formed in the summer of 2010, by Jake, JNE Pasanen and Turre, who had played together in diverse bands and projects. The Helsinki based band immediately started working on songs of their own.

Crimsonic moved in to their first crib in the fall. By new year three demos (Red Hot Devil, Reason and Another Night) had been recorded and were released on Facebook and In January of 2011 Anssi joined Crimsonic adding the last piece of the puzzle. As the band thereby was complete, the next logical thing was to get the set ready for gigs. First two gigs (performed in April of 2011), signing a management deal with Mika Hakala (Amplisonic Ltd) and a one-record deal with Amplisonic Records were the kick off the band needed.

The first single 'Journey' was released on October 19th, 2011. Second single 'Avoided' was released on Friday 13th of January, 2012. The song was mixed by Micky James, owner of Freedom Of Speech Studios, best known for the music on the hit series Criss Angel Mindfreak. 'Avoided' was also released as a music video featuring three models from the Rock Models agency.

Songs 'Journey' and 'Red Hot Devil' have been played at the home games for HIFK of the Finnish National Hockey League at the Helsinki Ice hall. A huge shout out for this goes to DJ Juza.

Crimsonic released their debut album "Silence Too Loud" on May 16th, 2012. 'Silence Too Loud' is available from download stores worldwide and also in CD format, including a bonus track 'Prison Break'. The album reached #1 position on the most downloaded albums chart of Radio Rock Store download store on its release week.

The line-up went through some changes in 2013, when JNE Pasanen announced his departure from the band. A replacement was found relatively quickly when Crimsonic's drum tech Antti was offered the job. The band also recruited Gröne as a new guitar player to let Turre concentrate mainly on vocals. Not long after the line-up change Crimsonic was already preparing for studio sessions to record some new material on their own at So Music Finland Studio. One of these newly recorded songs - 'In The End' - was self-released as a new digital download single and a music video on March 7th, 2014.

After that Crimsonic has released two singles and music videos - 'The Prisoner' in 2015 and 'Hide & Seek' in 2016. The band is currently writing material for their second full-length album.